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Mirror, mirror: time travel with a steampunk flair

Using a combination of live action footage, real-time rendering, and classic smoke & mirrors, The Escapery’s “Curious Case of Gillian Grace” connects players with a time-adrift alchemist via two-way mirror. Come see how these effects were accomplished and how project limitations served as a springboard for creative solutions.


from Paris to London in Sixty Minutes

What’s air travel without a beautiful vista? In Time To Escape’s latest adventure, “The Great Zepplin”, I used real-time game rendering to create a dynamic journey from France to the Great Britain. Encountering treacherous lightning storms, patching unexpected engine failures, and passing over the majestic English Channel are only some of the exciting moments in this ultrawide, 4K excursion.


Staging A Murder: Performance and Interactivity

In the latest original production from the Earl & Rachel Smith Strand Theatre, playwright Corey Bradberry & I took our unwitting audience from passive observers to active detectives. All it took was pushing an actor over the second floor mezzanine…


About Me


It all begins with telling a story…

Well before I ever heard the term “role-playing game”, I enjoyed engaging the imagination of my peers - creating narratives with clues, props, and puzzles for my friends to scrutinize and solve. On any given weekend, my friends and I lived a story of game-fueled make believe of my own design. Through this charade of UFO investigation, magical education, and thief heisting, I discovered a language of creativity that ignited a passion which still drives my work.